Over the years, with the change in scenery and the introduction of traveling based films, people have started putting in the effort to test themselves with the beauty nature has to offer. Mother nature gives people a chance to gather themselves again and really bond with themselves. Luckily, Pakistan offers a diverse range of mountains and beautiful lakes to explore.

As humans, we often tend to find ourselves in difficult situations, these difficult situations often lead to us promising ourselves a bunch of different things, more often than not, travelling makes its way on the bucket list.

Pakistan is a place famed for its beauty, it’s one of the few places in the world which offers all four seasons. People usually like to spend the hot summers to cool off in Northern Pakistan which offers a lot of variation and an obvious difference from the everyday city life. Northern Pakistan starts giving little glimpses of its beauty starting from Islamabad even though in the middle of Pakistan, in the city of Lahore, there’s a lot of history, a lot of culture and a different vibe which can be felt. In the city of Islamabad, the Margala Hills are just the beginning of an amazing ride to come. Most people like to travel all the way to the Khunjerab pass which is the gateway which connects Pakistan with its neighbor China, the two countries have shared great relations over the years, especially in recent years where China has invested heavily in Pakistan. The one mutual thing can be felt all across Pakistan is the amazing hospitality of people, you cannot travel to any single part of Pakistan and not feel welcomed there.

The travel towards Khunjerab is filled with beauty all across and just where someone starts to think they cannot be more surprised and if they think they’ve seen it all, that is where the Northern side surprises again. It’s not only the mountains, the glaciers and the breathtaking lakes which pop out, it’s a surprising experience for wildlife enthusiasts as well and gives them food for thought to be awake throughout the trip as there have always been rumors of snow leopards and various other wildlife animals. The ibex is often seen towards the road leading towards Khunjerab. One other major attraction for travelers if the Attabad Lake as well which apart from being a beautiful lake offers adventure sports such as jet skiing as well. The northern side of Pakistan really does an amazing job in providing the complete experience, the cuisine on the Northern side is somewhat different to the food we usually eat, Pakistan is famed for its spices and spicy food in general, as you get closer to the top, you get the opportunity to try out different sorts of food as well, a lot of the local cuisine is relatively a lot less spicy.

Overall, it’s not only the Northern side of Pakistan which offers amazing tourism and a place for people to relax in, Pakistan has amazing beaches as well, a lot of beaches which are yet to be touched which can be seen in Balochistan, Pakistan is the ideal travel destination, especially for budget travelers because it is a cheap country.


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