Indonesia is a collection of different landscapes ranging from busy metropoles to beautiful islands. Indonesia itself is an island that holds undiscovered treasures. Its jurisdiction extends over 13,500 islands. For tourist it’s a great tourism spot since it offers range of exploration options, form exploring ancient temples and hiking to active volcanoes to diving in largely untouched waters. These options aren’t just limited to natural beauty, but Indonesia has busy marketplaces in cities like Jakarta. Or if you are in mood for isolation from world, you can visit remote villages of Tana Toraja. Whatever you choose, the experience is sure to be one filled with awe and appreciation for a country as steeped in history and natural beauty as this one.

  1. Beaches of Bali

Bali, commonly known to people for its beautiful beaches, is without a doubt the most popular vacation spot. In addition to the beaches, Bali has numerous cultural and traditional landmark which makes the trip even more interesting. But essentially people traveling to Bali have warm, sunny and clean beaches in mind, and this place never disappoints. ‘Kuta’ is the most commonly known beach and is best for those to prefer to socialize while enjoying beautiful beach. Since many tourists frequent this place, it is understandable to find top rated hotels and other commercial activities. In case you are looking for seclusion and a little alone time then you should go to ‘Nusa Dua’, it draws less tourists, yet it is amazing. Another prominent beach is the Sanur beach which is known for culture and thrilling water sports.

  1. Borobudur

Borobudur is an ancient temple famous for its cultural significance and is a prominent tourist attract in Indonesia. The temple was built to magnificence in the 8th century and constructed in the shape of a traditional Buddhist mandala. Landmark is recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage site and is ranked to be the greatest Buddhist site in the world. It is believed that the site was lost and forgotten when most of the residents of the city, Java, left the city due to volcanic eruptions. In 1800s it was rediscovered and today it is a critical factor for people visiting Java. Furthermore, the experience of the torch-light climb during the sunrise is breathtaking. Borobudur lies near Yogyakarta, an old Javanese city known for its rich cultural and historical offerings.

  1. Gili Islands

In the district of Lombok, these islands are the main attractions that have resulting in the downpour of tourists. In recent years, these islands have witnessed increase in their popularity. Some even suggest that they give the islands of Bali, a run for their money. In addition to scenic beauty, facilities like deep-sea diving and snorkeling at the turtle sanctuary are available. If you’re looking for more turtle action, you can check out a turtle hatchery where hundreds of these creatures are born each year. Kayaking is also very popular, and you can find many yoga classes that give you the opportunity to relax your mind.


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