Turkey once a crucial part of the ottoman empire, has a rich cultural history. It perfectly shows portrait’s the glory of the great Byzantine and Ottoman empires. Country is filled with ancient monuments, usually left over by conquerors who frequented these lands. Another unique aspect of turkey is that it stretches over two continents, with one end in Asia while the other in Europe. By a simple ferry ride, you can cross continents. Its vibrant culture, famous food, and vast history wow all who venture here. Following are few prominent tourist attractions of Turkey.
1. Aya Sofya
Aya Soya, also known as Hagia Sophia, is best known as the one of the world’s most beautiful buildings. Reminiscence of the Byzantine era, Aya Sofia is not only amongst top things to do in Istanbul, but also in Turkey. The exterior of the building is loaded with beautiful marble work with delicate minarets added later by the Ottoman’s after their invasion. Whereas the interior of the building is a reminder of the old Constantinople’s might and power. Tourists can also hire guides which can provide further insight on the structure and historical importance of the monument, hence making Aya a must-do for every tourist.
2. Ephesus
Ruins of an ancient city regarded as not to be missed location in Turkey. Ephesus is a city of colossal monuments and marble columned road and above all it is the only standing Roman City in the entire Mediterranean region. A visit to this city takes you back to the Roman empire days and also visitors to experience the sort of life people had spent during the golden age of the Roman Empire. It is advised to come to Ephesus pre planned so that you cover everything and are not rushed.
3. Cappadocia
If you one of those who have no interest in hiking for a surreal view, then Cappadocia is a perfect location for you. This is one of the world’s most visited locations and it takes its visitors on a hot air balloon ride. The view from the balloon can’t be explained in words, not only the beautiful landscape but area is home to many Byzantine Era churches. Hence this area is significant for being an early Christian site.
4. Topkapi Palace
Historically this place holds great significance since this is the palace of the Ottoman sultans. It was from here the sultan’s carved out the ottoman empire that extend up into Europe and down through the Middle East and into Africa. During the reign of the ottoman’s, Topkapi Palace was the power base. Interior is decorated with expensive titling and lavish jeweled décor, whereas outside are lavish green parks. Once regarded as royal courts are now open to public.
5. Pamukkale
Pamukkale means cotton castle in English and is Turkey’s most famous natural wonders. Pure white travertine terraces cascade down the slope looking like a snowfield between a green landscape. Although travertines are themselves enough to fall in love with place, but to make it more special there are ruins of Roman Hierapolis, an ancient spa town, lie on the top of this calcite hill, providing another reason to visit.


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