Hiking can be really enjoyable and memorable if certain things are kept in mind while going on one. It is imperative to plan prior to going on the adventure. Whereas on the trail, smart choices and self-belief is critical. Following are some tips that should be considered in order to make it fun.

  1. It is important that you don’t embark on this journey all by yourself. It is important to have a partner just so that you have assistance in case of any adventure. We commonly see this in movies that people get stuck in remote areas due reasons ranging from land sliding to harsh weather conditions. Physical injury can also lead to such circumstances.
  2. Be sure about your destination, all sorts of possible routes should be planed and understand in advance. In addition to this, you should accompany your self with map and a compass.
  3. Always have excess water, refill your water containers and be aware of locations from where you can get water. Also have them marked on the map for ease.
  4. Wear clothes that can be put on or off according to your requirement. Carry a waterproof jacket so that you can save your clothes and traveling bag form getting wet. Be vigilant about the weather changes and remain updated with weather changes and developments.
  5. At times the trail can get longer than anticipated and under such situations one feels tempted to take shortcuts. Your safety should be your top priority and it is your responsibility to keep it in check. Avoid shortcuts and stay on the known trail route.
  6. Understand your capacity and your capabilities, hiking can be very hectic since climbing and that too at an altitude takes a lot of stamina. Don’t overdo yourself, especially if it’s your first climb.
  7. Keep your medical conditions in mind when you’re planning a hike. Knee and back problems, heart conditions, diabetes, asthma and other medical conditions can be amplified with exertion and severe weather.
  8. Having proper hiking equipment can make your trip less painful. Hiking accessories includes Traveling bag, boots with good grip and water protection and proper clothing. Travel bag can be very useful since it is designed in a special way just to cater traveling needs. Furthermore, it is convenient to climb with a bag striped on your back then climbing with a suitcase sort of bag. Boots should have good grip to assist steep climbs and have a water-resistant layer in order to protect you from snow’s freezing water. Hiking poles are another critical accessory that you should have, they take the stress of your knees and things.
  9. When packing you should remember the sort of traveling, by foot, that awaits you. And a heavy backpack will just create problems for you. So, be selective about what you keep. Don’t forget to keep snacks and water bottles. Sunglasses, sunscreen, bug spray and a basic first aid kit are always good to carry with you. Hike at a pace where you can talk while you are walking and know when to take a break. Don’t shy from taking breaks, in fact it is advised to take short break after every 10 minutes even if you think you don’t need rest.
  10. Never to embark on a hiking journey with an empty stomach. Eat before, during and after your hike. Make sure your snacks are filled with carbohydrates and salt. The carbs will give you energy while the salts keep your electrolytes in check.
  11. As tourists it’s your responsibility to avoid littering so that area’s natural beauty is preserved.
  12. End your trip before sunset.



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